I'm pretty excited, after 26 years of my out of state trips being to Colorado, finally going some place new (to me) but... I didn't realize how hard it would be to decide where to use our max points at. When they stated the PP sytem a few years back we had to start sending in. We've seen what the draw system has done for the quality of deer in CO. and knew it would only help in the same way in WY. Anyway my buddy and I decided we wanted to use them this year after trying for area 100 last year and seeing this year it was something crazy like a 3% chance. So after reading, comparing, google earthing, and second guessing we settled on taking a chance on a newly created limited area. We hope we made a good choice and get drawn, since there is no application history we can't be 100% sure. I had forgotten about the excitment of the unknown and this is the most excited I've been in years about going (and it's only March) and had to share.

Anyone else have butterflies about their hunt this year??