I actually own a Eureka Solitare and I have one vital thing to say: do not buy this tent. My first trip with this tent turned into a hellish one-nighter. If there is anything more than a minor breeze, the thing just starts flapping like crazy. Add rain to the mix and it's all over. I literally used it on two scouting trips and laid it to rest in my closet.

I am happy to say that the experience with that led me to better things, namely my Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2. This sucker weighs less than the Solitare, has much more head room and room in general, and is worth the little bit more you spend on it. If you sniff either the UL2 or UL1 on ebay, you should find it in the $200-$250 range. Like anything else archery: you get what you pay for. It will be a great choice in the long run, trust me. Good luck!