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Thread: Montana 700 Elk

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    Montana 700 Elk

    Hello guys I've been an Eastmans subscriber for years but I am new to the forum. I want to hunt the Missouri breaks in the near future and was wondering if anyone has archery hunted in unit 700? what did you think? My uncle and some of his buddies hunted 410 a few years back and said it was great. Looks like I would have a better chance at drawing 700 rather that 410, but is the hunt as good? I have read the MRS but would like to hear from someone who has been there. Hold out for 410 or go for the higher odds in 700? Any info or advice will be appreciated.

    P.S. this will be my first elk hunt.

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    The bulk of the elk in the 700 tag units are on private: thus the higher odds. There are still some great bulls that move onto public once in a while, though. You might get lucky like the guy that has the 400 inch bull hanging over the door at the Missoula Wholesale Sports store.

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    Unless you have some solid permission in 700, you could find yourself being a little disappointed at the seasons end. 700 is one of those areas that a guy needs to be able to hunt throughout the season to find the bulls on public ground. If you are only planning on hunting for one stretch during the season, you just might not find the bulls, as they stay on private land quite a bit. But, as BB said, you just might get lucky and punch your tag on a monster. 410 would be a good choice if this is going to be your first elk hunt. Now that they have brought the water levels up on the lake, the elk no longer have the willow's to hide in, and it now resembles a more traditional hunt. In years prior the elk would hide in the willows throughout most of the daylight which made it a lot tougher to see the elk. 410 also has a large amount of public ground, and block management ground that holds good elk numbers.
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