I'm trying to narrow down my search results for my CO backcountry archery elk trip. I have one point and am willing to use it but also have no problem w/ OTC. I'm wondering if anybody has info on the Hunter Fryingpan Wilderness area, I'm just looking for some elk, nothing big needed just want to have some chances at a bull. Im 0-2 so far on OTC elk hunts in CO and am looking for a new location that may bring more elk encounters. It appears the pop of unit 47 is good and has good overall harvest rates. I like the looks of Midway crk. and No Name Crk and wondered if anybody can comment on this area? I plan on spending at least 7 days hunting and will have time to get in at least 2 weekend scouting trips for the summer. I'm willing to hike and plan on living off my back for the duration of the hunt. Thanks for any advice.