Recently have started reworking loads for my old 280 rem. in a 700 mountain rifle. This gun has filled more tags for me than i can really remember. It is one of the most accurate production guns i have had. Depending on species i have a selection of bullets and loads worked up. From 120gr ballistic tips for pronghorn to 150 gr, gamekings for deer,elk and beer. Decidede to make this my long range light rifle getting away from the big mags i have used the last few years.

Giving Berger 140gr vld's a run. Havent even been past the realoading bench yet to find some accuracy. But wondering how they perform on game? I watch the shows like everyone else,that shows perfect drops on big animals at range. But would like to get some real world opinions.

How do they perform if no bones are hit?
On bone as well?
I know they are designed to come apart,but do the desinigrate so bad that the ruin half the animal? Thanks in advance!