Hey guys, this will be my first time hunting antelope (pending draw)-DIY. I've hunted in central WY 5 years ago with great success, but it was guided. Nothing against guides, but my goals are to hunt DIY now.

I've been sifting through info off the WY G&F site, MRS info, Google earth, etc and here's what I've come up with...

I've got 1 PP, and dont want to use it. So does that mean for my first choice, I need to put in for a unit that I cannot draw with 1PP, then put in for a unit that requires 0PP to draw as 2nd choice? That way I can hunt and still earn another PP.

Hopefully that makes sense.

But another question, is if anyone has any useful info for the following units, I would be very appreciative for any info.

Im thinking for the special draw unit 83 or 73 (1st choice), and units 41 and 47 (2nd choice).

If i do the regular draw Im thinking units 25, 39, or 16.

What do you think?

thanks for the help!

Stephen Schwartz