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    A BIG Public Atta Boy to Eastmans for the help this year

    Itís that time of year again, trying to figure out where to submit for tags out here in the west. Since Utah and Wyoming seem to start off the year at least for me anyway and I ruled out Utah since I have no Elk points anymore and only 4 points for Antelope in that state I turned my attention to Wyoming. Well at least before figuring out what to do in New Mexico and California then taking considering Nevada, Arizona and Montana.

    Sitting in a duck blind back in December with a friend of mine we started talking about planning an Antelope trip in Wyoming. I went to work reviewing past issues of my Eastmanís magazines I have laying around. Soon we were trying how to narrow down the 4 or 5 areas we were looking at into the unit we want to submit for. Talking with a few people here, a couple different field biologists in Wyoming and digging even deeper into the information available here and on the Wyoming F&G web site I think we finally figured out where we were going to submit for Antelope.

    In the meantime I kept thinking it over and over about a solo Elk hunt. Using the same methodology I started researching an elk hunt. I did not have max points and money is tight, but with all the information I gathered I made a choice and took a bit of a chance. With only 4 Elk points I applied for a "regular" tag and went for a unit 38 bull elk rifle tag (62% chance based on last years numbers). Needless to say I was stoked when I found out this week that I drew my tag.

    Again, based on past statistics I should be able to use my 4 Antelope points, but this time going with a "special" tag and I should be able to draw the unit that my partner and I are looking at. A tough fought but successful battle with cancer forced me into retirement a couple years ago, but God seen it fit that I was able to recover enough to continue to hunt and I am so grateful for that. So it looks like the wife, the dog and I will be spending quite a bit of time in our 5th wheel in the great state of Wyoming this fall and really looking forward to it.

    I don't know about all of you others, but I submit for many states for many different species each year and I usually have only one hunt I can count on and many more that are just long shots and shot-in-the-darks. Some years I get lucky, other years I am just happy to get the opportunity to hunt. This year I feel I hit the gold mine on the first shot and my upcoming fall schedule is just about set.

    I just wanted to pass along a big thank you to the Eastmanís for helping me out this year. The cost of the subscription doesnít even come close to the amount of information and resources that are available here. The stories from the members in the magazine is just gravy, now I just hope one of these upcoming Wyoming hunting trips turns into me submitting an article about the beauty and success of the trip.

    Good luck to everyone out there in the upcoming draws and hunt hard, but hunt safe.

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