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    Quote Originally Posted by packer58 View Post
    Pete, to answer your question simply, the sale of tags generate dollars for the state. Even if the states that are infected with wolves were to provide unlimited tags at no cost to resident / nonresident hunters the harvest rate would still fall short. Don't get me wrong, it would definetly help the situation. In order to reduce the wolf population to a level that allows our big game animals to rebound will require the following "IMO"

    1) Aireal gunning
    2) Extensive trapping
    3) Poisoning
    4) 365 day seasons and possibly a bounty
    Packer58 is correct in saying that licensed hunting will not effectivley reach the harvest objectives. Some of the other measures will need to be employeed. On that front, the hunting community has to think long and hard about exactly what the rest of the population will stand for, without tainting our image beyond repair, and turning them against the sporting heritage movment. This could easily be a trap for us as the wackos could use the delisting and legal harvest of wolves to turn the "unwashed masses" against hunting. These people, when shown the facts, for the most part believe and understand, that hunters are the first and best conservationists. I can see PETA's ad campaign now though, scrolling pictures of posioned wolves and gunships flying the skies persecuting the poor defensless wolf...cry cry tear tear. We have an opportunity here, I hope we don't blow it by going overboard to quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Hunter View Post
    Why not save the $22k and give free tags with no limits to hunters?
    I would much rather trust that aerial gunner with the job than a bunch of hunters.

    Those things need thinned out ASAP!
    Arise... Kill, Eat! - Acts 10:13



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