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    Thought on WY Units 58, 60, 61, & 68

    Just curious what everyone's thoughts are on these units this year. They have historically been some of the best units in the state according to Eastman's, but with the hard winter last year, I wonder what they are like now. Are they worth burning max points to draw this year, or should they be given a couple years? Personally, I wasn't looking into any of these units (and so haven't spoken to any biologists or wardens), but I have a friend who is looking at them. Most of my research was for units to the north that were more or less out of last year's winterkill area (and with easier draw odds to boot). Anyway, just looking for some honest assessments.

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    Don't know about these units specifically but if unit 63 is representative of these units, I wouldn't burn any points on them. I was stunned at how far 63 ha d fallen last year when I was in that area....



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