Was wondering if anyone else has tried these highly unusual broadheads? My experience has been incredible on elk and deer. Had one doe rear up on her hind legs and fall over dead like I shot her with a gun! Had an arrow tip a branch at 50-yds and deflect the arrow square in the shoulder of a small bull elk. Arrow penetrated both shoulders and broke off 8-inches on the other side, he went 70-yds.
That said, the thing is wild and somewhat controversial, because the "blades" are titanium wire. You seriously will not need to re-sight your bow to shoot these from field points, because there is no planing from the wires. Plus, the reason my arrow penetrated shoulder bone was the fact that the blades compress when going through bone, and snap back into the soft flesh. Both entrance and exit holes were the diameter of my arrow, not the blades. Only problem is, the wires are not razor-sharp. They work great, but it is a disconcerting thing to look at. Was wondering what everyone else's thought were on these broadheads?