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Hahaha!! Well that's a no brainer! You hunt Wyoming in the fall. Duh! And then when I am using my 50mm leupold scope and you're using your 40mm scope and I get the animal, you can watch me pack it out on my horse! Hahaha
Sorry Jen, doesn't look like I'll be going to Wyoming this year. Hopefully will be going to New Mexico though for elk
I'll be buying another point for Wyoming this year and hope to go there in another year or two. And with my 40mm scope to boot!!

Is that what you have though is a 50mm? Do you put it in a scabbard at all? I've got an Eberlestock J34 and last year when I had my rifle in the scabbard, it was kind of a tight fit even with a 40mm scope so I'm wondering if a 50mm will be too tight.