Hey guys, I am posting this in gear junkies because if you're like me I am one of the whackos always looking for lighter, stronger, better gear, etc including better supplements to put in my pack that don't take up much space and provide as much nutrition as i can find for my mountain hunts. These raw protein bars come in a 3" x 3 1/2" pouch and weigh @ 60 grams or just over 2 oz! They range from 240-280 calories, 22 g protein, 12-28g carb, 12-16g fat. They are like cookie dough consistency. I have tried the blueberry macadamia and the cafe mocha ones, both really good. All natural ingredients, no preservatives.They actually make them after you place your order.This guy started this biz less than a year ago and it has exploded. He owns a gym in Florida and started making these raw protein bars for himself. Once a few other people tried them they convinced him to make them to sell. You can't buy them at any store just at his website (link below). A little pricey but worth it so don't leave them where your kids can get to them because they will inhale them! Rather than bash all of the other *hit I have carried in my pack I suggest you take whatever you currently like and compare ingredients. Please forward this link to your hardcore hunting buddies that may be interested. I am always looking for an edge and these will definitely be in my pack again next fall. Good luck in the draws this year!