After my not so successful Wyoming Thorofare Teton Wilderness elk hunt, I am doing another one. While I was toying with the idea of going back to Thorofare with a different outfitter, I thought about the problems we had and decided not to go there. I committed to go in 2013 with a Colorado outfitter whom I know pretty well, just waiting for the contracts for me and my hunting buddy from California. The hunt is a lot less strenous, even tho we pack in a wilderness area. Lots of great country I have hiked in and lots on elk. A lot less $$$ too. Will be hunting the first rifle either sex hunt, which should be at the tail end of the rut. This will be my 26 or 27th wilderness biggame hunt. Can't seem to stay away from them. I'm 70 now and I know there arn't too many years left for this type of hunt.