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    Quote Originally Posted by Grantbvfd View Post
    Deer, I'm leaning towards a flatter shootin gun. The 7mm-08 is a great round. I have shot it and it is very impressive. Just not really what we want for her.
    If you want easy to find ammo and a flat shooting deer rifle you can't go wrong with the 25-06. I used to use 100 gr Remington core-lokt, inexpensive-leathal combo for deer for years. I have put 3 elk on the ground with that bullet too.

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    My wife is is only 5'3" about 115 pounds so I was looking at a 25-06 for her but a friend had a 7-08 and I had her shoot it. It was a good fit and it didn't have a lot of recoil. She has taken two antelope and one mule deer buck with it so far. Not had a shot at anything bigger, but it shoots flat and plenty big enough for an elk.



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