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Well this isn't my first job, but it was my first on a Savage. They are quirky with the barrel nut, recoil lug tab and voids, etc. I only use Devcon Steel Epoxy Putty (10110). It is the bees knees. JB Weld steel and Marine Tex work too, but I think Devcon is the best. Acraglas acra-sucks, IMO.
I will have to try that devcon. I have used 3-4 different compounds now and I have found acraglass to be the best so far so interesting you don't like it. That must devcon must be the cats meow. P.s. after reading my post, I think it sounded like I insinuated this is your first bedding job, I did not mean it that way! Looking at your post made think back is all. Sorry about that.