I have been wanting to hunt high country mule deer for as long as i can remember. I am finally able to start looking seriously into a hunt. I'm from Central Pennsylvania. my plan was to find a mule deer unit that also has the opportunity to hunt bighorn sheep. the plan was to hunt mule deer for a couple years while all the while seeing some bighorns, and also all the while putting in for a sheep tag in that unit. that way IF i ever get drawn for a sheep tag, i would have a better idea of where to go.

What i didn't realize is it seems that most high country mule deer rifle hunts are either real tough to draw or don't exist in many units. as a non resident it seems my best shot at hunting every year, or every other year, might be with a bow or a muzzleloader. I was seriously looking into Colorado as the sheep numbers there are as good as anywhere. the deer units and sheep units in CO. are different and it's hard to go back and fourth looking for which ones line up together. I would like a high country hunt for mule deer that i could as a non-resident be reasonably sure that i don't have to wait for X amount of years to draw. I can and will hunt with a bow or muzzleloader if need be, but a rifle hunt is what i really would like. Colorado is just where i thought about trying because of the sheep numbers, but any state with a high country mule deer hunt in a sheep unit will do. if there are ANY suggestions at all, please don't hesitate to post something.