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    The top of the 4500 has a rain-fly which expands outwards to give you extra space. I also have my 2800 strapped on the outside with the light stuff in it as well. It works just fine, you just have to get all your gear, cape and meat together then MAKE it happen...

    It appears that the picture above utilizes the older model 4500 system... In order to give it a fair shot, try the newer model! The ones pictured above will fit approximately 35% less in them and have only two outside strap sets for securing equipment to. You would be at a disadvantage with the older model... There's no doubt in my mind that a blacktail and three days of equipment can easily fit into a newer model 4500. I can get a fully boned out blacktail into a 2800 with a cape and antlers and day gear... The 4500 IMO can certainly handle the job... I hope this assists you and good luck...
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