sheep, goat, and moose you must front the money$$ and apply for the tag to get a point, most people who just want points for these species apply for the toughest unit, or the toughest/best unit, case they do draw they're not stuck with just a tough odds/bad unit. Which in the case of sheep some guys may be applying and not even wanting a tag that year making the odds even worse than they could be! Front fees even for a point might help draw odds.

It's not rocket science, so I'm not sure why so many states do awkward things.

as for points only, I think they're only talking about fixing it for elk/deer, etc... not for sheep, moose, goats, although a points only option would be nice, especially for the worst units/draw odds such as for moose, guys are applying for those units just to have bad odds and not draw, and guys who want to draw that unit are having to deal with even worse odds than what they truly should be.

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I think to get a sheep point you have to apply for sheep.

I've been studying it and am in the same boat as the rest of you. I don't want a general tag, I'm not going to buy one and risk the long odds of the limited entry unit I want for elk.

I'll apply for sheep and goats and buy supertags and hope they shuffle their system again next year.