Was wondering if anyone here has archery hunted deer in 61. I have all the maps and have been on google earth for weeks looking it over. I am from MN and have called out there to a few sources. I would really like to be able to glass and do a spot stalk type hunt and am concerned that it is quite brushy from what I have heard. Does anyone know if there are better areas in the unit for open country glassing. I know alot of the deer early are up along the divide road, but was wondering about the possibility of any deer that stay down lower along the rivers/ farmland on blm land. I really enjoy more canyon country that is open for glassing. May just have to use my 7 points elsewhere, but I know there are nice deer in that unit and I want to bowhunt a unit that requires a few points so I don't waste them. Thanks in advance. If anyone has any other unit suggestions let me know.