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    you will loose any points you have if you dont apply or buy points for so many years. I forget exactly howmany. WY is broke down into regions and limited quota units for deer. The regions are basically a group of units managed together. Antelope are all limited quota units. The Wyoming MRS explains it all pretty well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the wanderer View Post
    Great buck! I'm new to the website and new to hunting out west. My dad and I finally took a hunting trip out west this past October. We have been talking about doing this for years and finally made it happen. We did decide to go with an outfitter to hunt antelope out of Casper, WY. It was a great experience and we both shot a buck and a doe. We learned alot in the time we were out there. I loved Wyoming and want to get back some day to hunt for both Mule deer and antelope, but I would like to do it on my own this time without an outfitter. I have a few questions. If I stop applying for preference points for a year or two will I then loose them? How does applying for a mule deer tag work? I see the state is split up into regions, but also units. Do you apply for a region or a unit? Depending on the answer to that can greatly change planning. Thanks. I've really enjoyed the website so far.
    You can find out all the rules on this site.

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    I believe if you do not apply for 2 consecutive years you loose them.

    Wanderer, One thing to keep in mind is your opening dates for antelope & mule deer (Rifle). Unless you plan on archery hunting. I've done the combo hunt several times (mule deer/antelope). We always done Unit 7 antelope & Region B Deer. (Rifle opens October 1st)



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