I am new to this site and to elk hunting. My father and I have gone the last 2 years. First we hunted Colorado. It was great spending time with my father in the mountains for 2 weeks, but we never even saw an elk. Last Fall we went to Pinedale Wyoming during the middle of October and again spent 2 weeks in the mountains. I was able to put a calf down on the last day, but that was all we saw.

Regardless, it was a trophy in my eyes and I was able to share that experience with my father who has taught me everything I know and love about the outdoors and conservation. We are going out again this fall and all my efforts are going towards helping my father put his first elk on the ground. I really love hunting the mountains out west, but the best part is spending that time with my father!!

I really look forward to meeting some of you and gaining more knowledge. We have always done DYI hunts.

Hope everyone has a safe year and remember to shoot often and shoot safe.