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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitterroot Bulls View Post
    Maybe I am the only one, and don't throw things at me, but I think the Forest Service (I don't hunt much BLM) does a decent job around here. I don't agree with everything they do, but overall not bad.

    I know it is selfish as a backpack hunter, but I appreciate having some designated wilderness/roadless areas to hunt. I definitely don't want roads in every corner of my huntin' grounds.

    OK, now call me a commie, lefty, whatever ... let me have it!
    Okay I'll take the first stab. Are you really a lefty? Maybe thats why you missed that shot on the deer last year. You are shooting on the wrong side of the gun. JK Lol. I had to say something.
    On another note I would have to agree that the USFS does a pretty good job here as well.

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    Haha SJS!

    Nope, right handed shooter here. That miss was simple operator error. Not something I usually do, either. I almost edited that miss out, but the truth is the truth, even if it stings...

    Back to the OP,

    Our Federal and State lands haven't been sold outright here in MT, but there have been some trades. This reduced some of the "Checkerboard" public lands, and always seemed to benefit the public. The trades only happened after long opportunities for public comment.
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