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    Follow up on this topic.

    Just got back from Havre and did some drivng around. Talked to a rancher on the south side of the Bear Paws. According to him between the Cowan Ranch buying up about 1/4 million acres (Cowan son married Dorothy Browning of Browning Arms) and Chris Faber, Bear Paw Outfitters leasing up another 1/4 million acres, ( not exaggeration those numbers at all), it is very difficult to find good country to hunt. There is block managment areas, but they are not in the prime areas.

    The Bullwhacker road issue i mentioned in a prevous post shows some good signs. The Anchor Ranch sold to a guy from Texas, however his real intrest is some land north of Billings, and is working to do a land swap with the BLM. And for the BLM to own this land would be amazing as it is the only reasonable accsess to 50,000 acres of more BLM land in the Breaks in HD 680.

    Here is a link to the sales brochure for the ranch.
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