I bought a 7x14 plus a 3. Ft v nose tandem axels built a set of bunk bed that go across the back that raise and lower so I can load and haul 2 atv's in in the front v nose I built a Formica top that you can cook on etc it has one shelf under it to hold what ever. Under the shelf up front I installed a 16000 btu RV heater with forced air fan that runs on 12 volt along with 12 volt lights I also made a fold up table on 1 side about 34x34 inches is really nice being able to sleep on a full size twin size mattress I fully insulated the walls and ceiling but not the floor I am pleased on how it came out but the mileage pulling it sucks 11 mpg diesel.I also have it wired and have 4 2ft fluorescent lights and 2 110 volt recepitals installed to runoff a generator. Hope this helps someone . John