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    I agree with Dirk that the elk encounters will probably be few. But don't discount the adventure it will be no matter what. Yes, elk numbers are down. But the latest numbers showed that over 75% of the bulls were mature ones. I would take into consideration how much time you have to hunt. If you have two weeks to hike in and hunt, that would be ideal. You will need time to locate the elk. Also, yes, wolves have been a major problem for the elk in this zone, so make sure to buy your wolf tag. But habitat, in my opinion, has been even a bigger issue. When people tell you it is thick, believe them. But with a little research, I think you can find some more open parts of the zone that hold elk. And you need to look where fires have been in recent years, where good habitat is now springing up.

    So there are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about hunting the Selway. I myself am thinking about heading in there this year. After you spend hours of quality time scouring this forum for its wealth of info, go to the website shown in my signature. You will find an overview of elk hunting in the Selway (among other zones in Idaho) that you might find helpful. Those posts are just to give folks a flavor of what they might be getting into. - an online, outdoors focused magazine, highlighting hunting, fishing, the land, and the issues surrounding those opportunities in Idaho.

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