Where to start? New to Eastmans and this forum, and new to Elk hunting. We've finally decided to do an archery elk hunt and are looking at the fall of 2013, so we have some time to research. We are thinking we are going to focus on Colorado. Montana would also be an option. Although, we aren't use to having things in the woods that want to eat us (grizzlies), for the most part. However, wolves are getting thick up here - we live in Minnesota. Would consider other states but are trying to narrow things down a bit.

We are 45 and 55 years of age in reasonably good shape. Do understand we need to take the physical aspects seriously. But also understand our limitations.

We also don't need to take a trophy. We are looking more for the experience.

Since we are planning on 2013, we should have a preference point when we attempt to draw in 2013, which opens up some options. We have thought about GMU's 20 and 54 in Colorado. Other could be 13, 21, 48, 49. Once again, these are just starting points.

So, some initial general questions I have are:

- How much hunting pressure is there for archery season? We understand we need to get off the beaten path a little, but have also heard stories about their being so many hunters. I would assume this is more the case for muzzy and rifle season. Would be interested in your perspective during the archery season?

- We are thinking we would do a drop camp. Entertained a back country hunt for a while...see age note! However, if hunting pressure wasn't to crazy, we could set up a camp and hike in as needed. Any thoughts or perspectives?

- Would be interested in the type of terrain in those areas. Any insight would be appreciated.

Any other suggestions you have as we start our research journey would be appreciated? We are still trying to figure out the questions to ask, much less find all the answers.