Just a quick story/thought before I leave you all to enjoy your forum... We've trained horses for years, but when we were first starting out and trying to figure out the best techniques - to make sure we didn't irreparably screw up the horses, but also to make sure we would get killed in the process - we looked to the current "gurus." We first bought nearly everything John Lyons produced including a full set of videos as well as his "Training Manual for Broke and Unbroke Horses." We thought that man walked on water and followed his stuff to the letter - with results. But then we got turned onto Pat Parelli. Generally, he taught the exact same stuff. But, their teaching styles were different and certain things made a little better sense. IMHO, some stuff was better explained by Parelli than Lyons (at least to me) and vice versa. Then we were turned onto Clinton Anderson. Again, nothing much different per se, just a slightly different way of explaining the same basic fundamentals. However, we really gravitated to Clinton Anderson because of the way he taught and the way we were learning the material - it just made the most sense when he explained it.

My point: I believe that every person learns a little bit differently and every teacher teaches a little bit differently. Just because you think you have found your guru, regardless the discipline (horse training, hunting, etc.), doesn't mean another person cannot also teach you something. This is particularly the case in a discipline where the fundamentals have been established for decades. Most everything - whether horse training or hunting - is NOT a new theory (although that sounds great for marketing purposes), but is just a regurgitation of old principles in hopefully a clearer, more informative way. My advise? Keep your options, and your mind, open. You never know what will finally click for you and if you've foreclosed the possibilities, you never will.