Do you understand what retired means? I worked my ass off for 45 years to take it easy in my later years and enjoy hunting and fly fishing. Which btw is what I do in the summer.
Maybe you don't want to sound like a jerk, but........
I'm sorry, but its hard to engender sympathy with that kind of attitude. I guess if you can't afford to drive to a different unit and camp out for a week, you did a poor job of retirement planning and saving to be able to retire in the lifestyle you desire. You're telling me you can't enjoy hunting because you can't drive to a different unit where you could get a tag? I'm not suggesting you dig ditches, maybe guide a couple fly fishing trips during the summer since you like to do it, get a few hundred bucks from tips and now you have the funds to more fully enjoy your hunting season. I'm sure with the experience you have you'd have a lot to offer other fly fishermen who are new to the sport or the area.

We paid $1100 for 2 elk tags in a CO OTC unit, $1300 to rent a cabin for a week, drove 1250 miles each way getting 9 mpg towing a trailer with 2 atv's to come hunt Colorado this fall and ate tag soup. Not complaining at all, just saying a lot of us sacrifice quite a bit as non residents to be able to hunt, its hard for me to be sympathetic, heck you even got a sherpa out of this thread to pack out your elk for you!