I feel like we all pay to hunt our own states, so when a non-res comes to my state and vice versa it shouldn't be how much can we charge each other. 10x would at least make things fair(er) than these states that are way over 10x. I mean really where should it stop? 100x? 1000x? I mean let's have residents pay $1 for an elk tag, and I'm sure we can find enough non-residents to pay $1000, or $2000. I mean really if you could buy a non-res elk tag for $3000, and it would mean that for every non-res elk tag sold, 100 less hunters would be in the field with you at that time? I'm sure many would pay for that... that's an extreme obviously though.

I think 10x would demand both residents and non-residents to pay a legit tag fee.

Honestly my home state archery deer tag, for a buck and a doe I think is something like $27 I'm not even sure, it's so cheap I never ever notice/care, I remember the first time I bought the tag I thought, really? that's it? I had to check to make sure it wasn't for just a doe tag. I htink our non-res deer tags are over $400, and I'd happily pay $50 for an archery buck deer tag, and that would make our non-res deer tags less than 10x/$500, and less like 8x multiplier or so, or you could just lower the price of non-res tags while you're at it if you raise resident tag prices.