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    Non-resident tag fees out of control!

    All states should agree to a multiplier of 10x or less.

    ie resident elk tag, $50, then a non-res elk tag would be $500.

    1 horrible example is MT, resident elk tag $20, non-resident $794, that's a 40x multiplier!!!
    That means if you sell 1 non-resident an elk tag, you need to sell 40 residents an elk tag to generate the same amount of revenue!

    Also once-in-a-lifetime type tags should be the same price as non-residents or at least more than they currently are, tell me a resident wouldn't apply for a desert bighorn sheep if the tag cost $100 vs. $30?? after 30+ years of applying I think a resident could fork over $100 for that tag.

    There's no reason non-residents should be forced to subsidize resident's tag fees.

    I'd love to see Eastmans' Poll this

    What should non-residents pay?
    A. The same as residents
    B. 5x or less
    C. 6-10x
    D. More than 10x, Anything they want, the max they can get, 43x in some cases.
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