Non-resident tag fees are out of control.

I think all states should agree to charge non-residents no more than 10x what they charge a resident for a trophy buck/bull type tag.

IMO most states discount tags for residents, ie most residents would happily pay more than they currently do, and non-residents are stuck with an absurd bill, ie subsidizing resident tag fees.

Also once in a lifetime type tags I think should be charged the same price as non-residents, or at least charge residents significantly more than most states do. Regardless of the state, a resident who has been applying for 20+ years for a bighorn sheep tag, will gladly pay more than $25 for that tag, and if it would increase drawing odds I'm sure most would happily pay much more! A bull elk tag for $25 is a big enough joke let alone a once in a lifetime sheep tag for $25!

I'm all for having cheap (meat) style tags for residents, does, cows, etc...

Assuming an elk tag was 10x, $75 and $750, and a cow tag was $15, a resident hunter might be more apt to take a cow elk for $15 vs a spike bull/small bull elk for $75, and helping increase the quality/age of elk in a given area.

I'd like to see Eastmans' post this as a poll question and/or an article at least and try to start bringing some fair prices to resident and non-resident tag fees by putting pressure on state agencies, or at least bringing it to their attention.