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    Quote Originally Posted by Prerylyon View Post
    Not my bag, but, if you have the rig AND the skills to reliably make clean kills at 'long range' I'm not gonna stop ya...

    Thing, is, many may see a TV program with 500+ yard kill shots and not take the skills and rig part to heart.

    I saw my tent mate make a 550+ yard kill shot on a bull on an outfitted mountain hunt some years ago But, he was lobbing ICBMs at it with a tricked out Weatherby 30-378 and he clearly knew how to use it. ☺

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    there are many out there ,perfectly capable of making those shots.

    that said,I think it is safe to say MOST (not all) who do take those shots are just lobbing em out there in hopes of hitting something. and many of them don't really care if they , wound em and lose them.
    in fact I would be willing to bet many out there would laugh when such a thing happens and then go search for another chance to wound or kill till they are finally successful.

    I doubt many here would condone or approve of such a thing but would be willing to bet some few would.

    so because of those few dummies, some wish to condemn all who do it.

    not a good idea IMHO. hunters must remember there are those out there who would condemn all hunters for the actions of a few and I expect most would agree they don't like it when that happens.

    if I see someone doing something I don't approve of I will generally say so. but also figure it best to set an example by my own actions and not worry to much about what some few idiots do.
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    Some the most unethical long shots I have seen over the years involve duck hunters and antelope hunters.

    I grew up in North Dakota and did a lot of waterfowl hunting. I saw many people shoot too far and wound ducks that went into a glide. Seldom did they even bother to go look for them. And many of those duck hunters couldn't tell one species from another when flying. Some could hardly identify the species when they had them in hand...especially the hens. Generally overall pretty sad!

    And given the open prairie, antelope often tempt people to shoot too far. I once saw a truck come by and the guy hopped out to shoot at a buck several hundred yards away. The buck ran off, so the hunter left thinking he missed. I watched the antelope run 100 yards and fall over dead.

    Like I said, antelope and waterfowl hunters often take too long a shots.
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