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Can you get a descent load on it? I use the Cabelas Alaskan Extreme and with my "modification" I have it under 5 lbs. This year in the bob I had it at 55 lbs and it is a dream, it carries weight so well. My only complaint or 2 is it is a bit noisy with no load. and the external frame hits branches in thick cover. Again, it's loud. But I would hold it up against anything when it comes to carrying weight. Just curious as to what else is out there for daily use and carrying a load if something goes down?
I haven't used it in a pack out yet, but it was designed as a pack for hauling out an entire sheep. I am confident 120 pounds won't be too much, but we will hopefully see soon.

Eberlestock Just One packs are also designed with "daily use and carrying a load" in mind.