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    Is a hammock anyone's go? I'm just acquiring items to plan for a backcountry hunt. I've changed my mind a couple of times about when, where, and what I'm going to hunt. For now I'm thinking otc elk Colorado bow hunt. So late September October area. I was looking at hammocks that have a bug screen and rain fly.
    Is this anyone's preferred method over a tent or tarps?
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    I have used a Hennessy hammock extensively while guiding wilderness canoe trips for the last few years. It has been a real back-saver for me after a day of paddling and had portaging. However, I do not use it for my western hunts for the following reasons;
    1. Hammocks can be very cold to sleep in, you still need a pad or underquilt or the wind will freeze your bottom side.
    2. There isn't really a weight savings; my complete hammock set-up is 3 1/2#, and my KUIU 2P tent is just over 3# and is quite adequate for two hunters and luxury for one.
    3. There is NO room for your gear in a hammock, it all goes in dry bags under the hammock.
    4. You need stout trees the proper distance apart to hang them.
    5. Weather in the fall is much worse than in the summer and a lot of wind, rain, and cold can make a hammock very much a pain.
    **Having said all that, I do love my hammock, just not for my backpack hunts.

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    Nope! Not for me. I tried a Grand Trunk on a deer hunt for 2 nights. I couldn’t sleep! I had to come off the mountain and get my tent.

    If you sleep on your back normally you should be fine. I also didn’t like my feet being up higher then normal. I tried to tighten the hammock as tight as possible to flatten it out more but for me it just wasn’t comfortable.
    I go to the Mountains to loose my mind and find my soul.

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