I'm trying to decide which area to put in for between the s. cache and the central mountains nebo units for archery elk this year. I live in cache valley so the s. cache unit is my back yard, so i would have more time to scout and hunt, but i really want to hunt an area where i can backpack in and get away from roads and trails and thats hard to find here. I have been in the nebo loop area 4 or 5 years ago with a friend that drew a rifle tag we got into some elk and i loved the country. Nebo is also easier to draw, and it seems like there is more area to get away from everything. I'm also not super worried about where i would have a better chance at killing a monster (I would be happy with anything over 300''), more just actually finding a good number of elk. Also according to mrs the success rate is better in the s. cache unit. Any info, comments, or first hand knowledge is greatlly appreciated. Thanks!