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    Thumbs up King's Hunting Rules

    Well we all take another step closer to King's Hunting Rules with the passage of New Mexico SB 196 today.

    Take out the WMA's & cow tags and DIY NR's get a whopping 5% of the tags. What a bizarre scam they will have now with unprecedented rules like: Outfitters get double the tags as NR DIYers!???; No NR on WMA's; No NR cow tags??? Where else can you find another state doing ANY of these? And the legislators' argument for it was they wanted 90% for residents as is typical of most other states. Ya right. What they want is welfare from wealthy NR at the expense of the "hunting heritage" of the less affluent. So help me if I ever hear one NM legislator use that catch phrase know what they are full of.

    I believe New Mexico will have overtaken Utah as the King of King's Hunting Rules.

    Only way I see this trainwreck ending is if CO & WY both institute a reciprocation policy.

    Anyone wanna guess what the next state to screw NR's will be?
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