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    What to wear and how much to pack !

    I am hopeful to be hunting in late sept in Wyoming units 60 & 70 this year. That last time I went selecting clothes wasnt such a challenging issue, layering with jeans and Duofold vs waffle knits!

    This is for a 10 day guided hunt on horse and in canvas wall tents. Elevation 6,000 to 11,000 feet. weather 70 to 0 deg

    My strategy
    1, I would hunt in one set of clothes and change when in camp
    2, Tech fabric is better than cotton and wool
    3, Layering is the plan with a "Poly" base layer -better for scent/stink controll
    4, Gtex shell with a packable down jacket for real cold weather


    1, Pants --I am looking at the technical pants made by Kuiu the Attack model but at $140 a pair how many would you pack for a 10 day hunt?
    - assuming that the technical fabric makes this less likely to stink after 3-5 days of wearing ?
    - a pair of wool pants for cold weather

    2- Shirts -- 2 fleece and a single wool shirt for layering

    3, Gtex suit for rain

    4, Down jacket for cold (under the gtex shell if needed)

    With limits on duffle and being prone to taking far more than I would use do you all pack for such a trip ?


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    I did a 7 day caribou hunt in Alaska back in 2005. A lot has changed since then. Here is what we did that might apply towards your trip:

    - no cotton, ever.
    - poly layers / underwear, long johns, shirts, etc. (I would recommend Merino Wool now)
    - Gore-Tex rain shell (get the best you can afford...being wet sucks).
    - Gore-Tex rain bibs, I like them better than rain pants...they pull over hunting pants better, and no rain down my crack if I bend over
    - Rain Poncho, threw this over our Gore-tex and backpack for added layer of protection. It's light, cheap, and can be used as tarp or ground layer if needed.

    I have Kuiu Attack Pants and Sitka Mt. Pants now...wish I had them back for that hunt. We didn't bring any down...temps were mid 60's down to high 30's for this hunt. Keeping dry and layering was key.

    Bring extra britches/underwear. I hunted in Under Armour boxer briefs on that hunt...they got really stinky after only a few days. Brought wet-wipes and did my best to clean things up down there : )

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    I do have some insight on the pants,I wear the attack pants everyday. I have 4 pair, I work in them doing road construction in all four seasons from single digits to 100+. When it?s cold I wear merino base layers when it?s hot I open up the vent zippers. I will wear them for about 3-4 days before I wash them in normal working conditions. Ive never known them to stink, they just get too dirty for my liking. If I were to go on a hunt like your talking about I would bring two pair and a good base layer and leave the wool pants at home. If it gets too cold for just the base and pants put some light weight rain pants over them and you should be plenty warm.
    I’m also assuming your elk hunting which I don’t sit in one spot long when I’m elk hunting in September.
    + 1 on wet wipes, I never hunt without them. EVER! I go with Duluth buck naked and they are awesome.
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    I have the attack pants but prefer the alpine. Make sure to bring some wool items especially the socks and underwear. I like the Minus 33 brand for underwear and socks I buy the Costco wool blends. Also recommend you get the sleeveless vest. The main thing is to layer properly no matter what the weather. I've done quite a few 10 plus day hunts usually back packing. I usually see most people over pack when it comes to clothes.
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    Layers are the key.

    Base layer- thin poly type under clothing. I usually wear Under Armour products. I can wear these about two days of hard sweating without stinking. I'd take three pair, wash one set, wear the second set, and have the third set in case of emergency.

    Insulation layer- I use merino wool long underwear, it's light, thin, and stays warm even if I get wet. One or two pair depending on how paranoid you are.

    Outside protective layer- I usually wear a Sitka jacket and bibs for this layer, these are easy to take off if necessary but are quiet and warm. I only take one set of these.

    I also carry a rain layer, any of the current high tech stuff that is quiet and light weight will do. I use this as a wind breaker if it's windy but the temps aren't high enough for the jacket and bibs.

    Don't forget to bring good gloves. I wear the light Sitka merino wool gloves most of the time but I also carry their heavy gauntlet type gloves. The important thing is to not have too tight of fit, air space insulates.

    I wear two pair of socks, a light, thin inner sock made of merino wool or cotton and a heavy mountain/hiking sock made of thick merino wool.

    I wear a heavy wool balaclava style head cover that can converted to a neck gaitor and a hat with a bill.

    My final piece of gear is chemical hand and toe warmers, one set will last all day but you'll need one set per day. With these I can sit all day in the snow and not get cold toes or fingers.
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