looking for feedback on different brands. In my research it appears that the vast majority of gortex boots are not what they use to be. I am not sure if its because they are all made in china or what. For a while I was buying a new pair every year until I settled on the Cabela's Pinacles which I loved till this year. We moved to a different area in Colorado elk hunting and got rained on every day. 4 pairs of Pinacles 1 Danner 1 Wolverine Antelope and 1 Danner hiker. All were tried all got soaked they are all gortex and were not treated with silicone which I know would help. My point is I have about 500 into boots in the last 8 years or so which opens the door to premium boots but I want some proof before switching. In our previous area it was always dry so it wasn't that important but I don't want to go thru another season like that again. Looking for recomendations on good choices that keep you dry and hopefully are still light. Also if they are made in the USA which may be part of the problem.