Historically we saw a great leader take over a country, and a people, then claim this..."if you tell a big enough lie and tell it often enough, it will be believed"

This is what we see often and regularly in the political fields. Both sides lie. Sorry if that ticks off your belief, but thats the truth. Neither side wants it the other way, so they embellish the facts to win the debate. In todays world we are overwhelmed, drowning in, and loosing to the drama queens of society,( my kids could lead that party! Lol). Those with reason, calm, wise demeanor are becoming extinct.
The fact is, letting the wolves go unchecked at a state level, is like telling the city of LA the entire police force has taken a week vacation to Hawaii and will be back next friday. Think they will stay in check? Hahaha oh the fun that would be to watch on tv!

Truthfully, in my state, sportsman can hunt coyote's and leave em lay if they are not into keeping the fur. The state considers them predators that require a hunting license to shoot them, but also varmint that allows them to be discarded if you like......
respectfully, our state has coyote's in some rather odd sizes....thank you history for great quotes for politicians to live by!