Hey all, new to the forum and really like the community so far. It seems like a lot of the hunting forums degenerate into a bunch of guys nitpicking each other and the way they hunt/operate in the outdoors. Trying to read and research as much as possible for my first season archery hunting in Oregon. I've rifle hunted since I was a kid but am the first guy in my family of avid hunters to pick up a bow and I am super excited for this fall.

All that to say, any advice you guys have for a novice bow hunter? I'm working hard to get setup for the season as best I can: lifting, running and shooting almost everyday. I also plan on spending some time this spring/summer scouting some new areas since most of the state has opened up to me for OTC elk/deer but I need to narrow my focus to Roosevelt vs. Rockies and blacktail vs. mulies and I also need to read up on techniques for close stalks and hunting from stands.

I appreciate any helpful advice and hope at some point in the near future I'll have experiences to share as well.