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    Wild Game Snack Stick Recipes

    Lets put a different spin on the Ikeepitcold post. Now that the freezer is full of deer, elk, antelope or whatever it's time to eat it. Snack Sticks are a great way to use up some of that trim that you don't want made into burger or sausage. Also, every time you break open a package of sticks it reminds you of your hunt.
    My last 10# batch was Hi Mountain sweet & spicy, awesome sticks........

    Share your favorite snack stick recipes !

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    Just made 10 lbs of Hi Mountains hickory blend and 10 lbs cracked pepper and garlic. Also Have a freezer full of duck and goose breasts that need to be ground up and turned into Jerky. I prefer the Cabelas jerky over the Hi Mountain though. Good thing I have lots of things to work on outside during this warm weather or I would be packing a few extra pounds sitting here pounding on the keyboard, watching the outdoor channel, and snackin on sticks all day.

    Next to come summer sausage.



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