I am planning some scouting trips to the Wilmore Wilderness in North West Alberta later this year. I have found all my maps and done the scouting I can do from home and I am pumped to get out in the mountains again.
I am hoping to get back in deep for about 10-14 days and chase down some big mulies, elk, a goat and maybe a bighorn if I can find one. I am looking at the areas about 15-20 miles back from the Sulphur gates trailhead.

If there is anyone out there who has been into the Wilmore I would love to chat. I don't want GPS coordinates to your secret honey hole, just some trail information and maybe a name or two for packers in the park.

Alternately if there is anyone else out there looking to go into the Wilmore and need a partner let me know. Or if your in Edmonton and want someone to shoot or train with I'm here.