Well I went to the meeting last night, and thought it went pretty well. I met up with the head of our local wildlife association as well, and think I will be getting involved in that organization.

The focus of the meeting was on improving bull to cow and calf to cow ratios and predator control. They mentioned that meeting objectives on wolf, lion, and bear were going to be priorities. I was encouraged by this. Lions were a hot topic, because they are expanding quotas. The West Fork study has shown that lions are killing a lot more elk than they previously thought.

I was a bit shocked with some of the comments they had to put up with though. One guy was upset about liberal bow hunting opportunities for whitetail does, as he believed this was having an effect on whitetail buck trophy quality. Another was upset that he drew a moose tag in another region, and was unable to find a trophy bull big enough for his liking. He said they weren't doing their jobs as well on moose as they were on sheep.

Overall, I thought it sounded like they were trying to get the best plan in place for the game and hunters alike.