Island Park in winter is one bueatiful place. Some friends and I use to met in West Yellowstone every winter and snowmobile outside the park, I have gone on an unguided trip inside the park. I had heard through the enviros that the gate attendants were dying of two stroke smoke so I had to see for myself, no such problems occured. Speed limits inside the park were 35mph. Enviros said the sleds scared the animals so bad they wouldnot breed. A bull buffalo is not affraid of anything, another enviro lie.
There was a resturant in the woods south of West Yellowstone run by an elderly man who was also a sheep raiser. He had a goood pasture except for griz. He killed two griz and after the second one the park rangers made him move his sheep to a dry pasture.
I helped support the Blue Ribbon Coalition for years as they struggled with the enviros and courts. It is always the same, faus science, and back to court every year.