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    I've been a Leupold fan for many years, but I don't like anything with the CDS right now. I have a couple VX-6 scopes that are not tracking correctly I'm sending into Leupold. One doesn't properly return to zero and one needs tapped with an empty case or it won't reliably move until it gets recoil the first time. I still like Leupold and have faith in their customer service making it right, but I think they need to re-design their erector system for dialing scopes. Some say they have on the new VX HD scopes but when I called Leupold the guy I talked to said they have not. I will probably sell these 2 after getting them back. My older Leupolds I don't dial elevation regularly on are solid scopes I'll keep around. I have a few Vortex and Redfields on 223's and 22's that have been reliable also.

    The best scopes I've owned for low light are the VX-6 3-18x50 and the Swaro Z5 3.5-18x44. Both of those scopes are really impressive as the light fades, I can't really pick a winner in low light performance.

    I just put a 3-12x42 Huskemaw on my 300 win mag. My gunsmith has sold and used a bunch of the Huskemaw scopes and believes they are as tough as anything on the market and dial very reliably. I am unsure what I will put on my 264WM right now. I'm considering saving up for a March or an X5 Swaro. I might end up getting another Huskemaw, but I would prefer something with a 3-4x bottom end and a 50mm objective on that rifle.


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