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    Nv PIW Deer pics

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I posted the short story in another Nv thread. But here are a couple pics I took of Jason and his deer.

    Well here's my update of my buddy's PIW tag. What a disappointment. No snow and now the warm weather has just kick our butts! I was only able to go for 3 full days of hunting and a few hrs here and there spotting from easy access areas were I could look from my truck. My Buddy Jason hunted his ass off and has the blisters on his feet to prove it.

    We started off Garson Rd with a 2 hr hike in to my honey hole and found only one non typical 185" buck, he passed, for the next 2 days we looked over the entire Pevine Mt with nothing over a 160" and a huge 3x3 about 27" tall and real heavy but not a shooter for this tag. Jason continued to hunt Garson Rd for the next few days continuing to only see 160" bucks. I had a lead on a monster in Ash Canyon by Carson City and told Jason about it and how to get there but he decided to stay with the Garson Rd area. (I found out a 36" wide 5x5 was killed in Ash Canyon shortly after). This afternoon I was able to get away for a few hrs to scout for Jason around the area by the New expansion bridge being built, we call it Galina Mountain, Jason and his dad were there looking as well only we were on different sides of the Mt. Jason text me he found a 150" buck that was a 4x5 and was heavy so he was going to try to get closer for a better look. Just as that text came through I had located a few bucks on a hill side about 1000 yards from me. One of them looked better then a 150" I was able to drive closer to him since I was in my truck on a dirt road and you probably know what happen last time I was out in my work truck. Anyway I got with in 500 yards of him and saw he was a solid 170" 4x4 with a 2" sticker on his right G2. I immediately text Jason not to shoot that buck and that I found a good buck for him to look at. Then he text me DUCK! I thought oh shizz he's going to shoot. Then he called me. He asked me about the buck I was looking at, I was hopping he got my text in time before he shot but he had shot the buck. Man! I was so bummed out for him. He hunted his ass off and shot a 150" buck after all that work. I didn't have the heart to tell him this buck was so much better and so I down played him to Jason so I wouldnt make him feel bad. All in all he was disappointed he only got a small buck with such a awesome tag but he can say he worked very hard and kept to his benchmark of a 180"+ typical to the end. He said he felt the pressure of not getting anything and being away from home every day was wearing him down so he was done and took the buck.
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