I am planning my first western US hunt and would like to chase antelope in Wyoming. I'm planning on a group of 3 (Dad, brother in law, myself) for a DIY, public land hunt. We're all going to take rifles. We're also planning on camping out near the hunting area, if possible. I've heard you can camp anywhere on the public land.

My dad did a hunt 20 or so years ago and enjoyed it. I've also heard that the goat population is doing well in WY.

A few questions:

1) None of us have any preference will we still be able to draw a decent unit?
2) What unit(s) would be recommending (knowing above) that have good public land availability and antelope.
3) Is there a map available of public land in WY?
4) Are there any must bring items or things to prepare for? Of course the regular hunting items (rifle, pack, knives, cooler to take care of meat, etc) as well as good glass and a range finder I'm already planning.