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    Hey bigmoose sent you a PM.

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    Those photos are legit (although I was emailed several of them before last season). When you see one up close, they are pretty impressive. If somebody says, "I don't know if it was a coyote or a wolf.", it was a coyote. There have been wolves over 200 pounds killed in MT, but I would guess the average adult is something like 120-150.

    They are big.

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    I've seen wolves up close twice. First time in 2001 at the end of South Fork , near Cody. I was hunting with a friend who was near by. I thought it was a coyote at first. I was deer hunting and didn't really want to make the noise with a shot. I had my rifle laying across a stump watching him through my scope at about 200 yds. , I decided what the heck I was going to shoot the yoodle dog. I kept thinking, man, he looks big. I watched him sniffing around the bushes for a minute or so and he kept looking bigger. Then it hit me ! A dam wolf ! I almost pulled the trigger on a wolf ! They had a sign at the Game and Fish trailer asking to report wolf sightings. The guy didn't even give a cr@p. Found out following year they killed two wolves in the same area that were going after livestock. Saw the other one coming through Yellowstone not too far from east gate Nov. 2002. That one was almost all white. Just trotting down the side of the road with no worries. I guessed it to be a female. The first one a male. Haven't seen any since. Only grizzlies everywhere...



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