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    Congrats on yours season! You shot a couple of great trophy's there. I have the antelope hat, but didnt' have much luck with it this year. I used it on an early season hunt in August and then again during the rut on the first weekend of October. I would like to hear some tips on how you use your decoy hat if you don't mind. I tried a lot of different things and it always resulted in a buck spooking and running away.

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    Stay as low as you can...don't try the walking right at them...that rarely works..had it work for a few guys...Didn't help that Randy and Bryce slayed them on TV with very little is like find a goat in the mood it is going to be the ticket...but for the most still have to stalk them close...the decoy hat just buys you a couple of extra seconds...I have been charged a number of times like you get with a normal decoy too. See the doe hunt on you tube.

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