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    So I'm gonna
    1) glass the serviceberry, choke berry scrub oak line of transition and lower.
    2) hunt an area we always knock a cow down in muzzleloader over a kill site hopefully.
    3) fold in the rabbit in distress method

    Should be interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonhunting247 View Post
    Fall is definitely tougher than spring, but it does work sometimes. I've had way more success during the spring, but have killed a couple bears in the fall while calling also! In most cases I've seen the bear, but can't relocate him. So I sneak in close with the wind in my favor and call. My percentage of response is pretty low during the fall though! Another thing I noticed is that I haven't had any come in aggressive in the fall, like they do in the spring. They just meander in kind of curious like. At least so far, for me anyway. I use a simple rabbit in distress call and wail away, trying to sound as pitiful as possible . I think what wa-hunter said is exactly right, the more good food they have in front of them the harder they are to get interested and I guess rightly so. Good luck with calling, when it works, it can really be exciting!
    I've never heard of anyone doing this successfully in Price County Wisconsin where I live and hunt, also hopefully have a tag next year. We have some trophy bear on camera and typically bait sit or run with hounds. I wonder if this method would be effective in our thick swamps/woods

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    Called in two cougars when calling for bears in Unit 80. Just sit where your back is up against a good backstop as they sneak in on you.

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